Africa, 1960. A village is being pillaged by an unruly African rebel militia. The inhabitants are murdered and their homes set ablaze. Suddenly, there appears the Harvester, an avenging spirit whose coming is announced by a deafening thunderstorm. Italy, present day. A group of African immigrants harvest the tomato fields and work in the villa of a respected mob Godfather, Don Ciccio. Among them are Thomas and Eve, brother and sister, who have recently arrived from Africa on a boat. But when Don Ciccio dies, his two sons, Vincenzo and Calogero, plot against each other to take over the dead Godfather's estate. Vincenzo, who has lived in the US for a number of years, kills his brother Calogero during the reading of their father's will. Unbeknownst to Vincenzo, however, Calogero has already hired the Priest, a ruthless and mysterious hit-man, to kill him. Eve's brother Thomas, who works as a waiter at Don Ciccio's villa, is killed in the crossfire and his corpse is concealed. Meanwhile, a mysterious African harvester and martial artist, John, turns up in town and goes to work in the tomato plantations, now run ferociously by Vincenzo and his murdering goons. As the tension between the harvesters and Vincenzo rises, John gets caught in a spiral of violence that will ultimately make him embody the ideal of the Harvester.



Some think that he's an African avenging spirit, others think he's just a very skilled martial artist. Whatever the truth, John travels from one town to the next, picking tomatoes in the fields. His past is shrouded in mystery; his future is uncertain. When he comes face to face with Vincenzo and his murderous lot, John unleashes his avenging rage.


Vincenzo (50) is Don Ciccio's younger son. Don Ciccio sent Vincenzo to the United States at a young age, hoping that his son would build a better future for himself away from italy. He was dead wrong. Vincenzo's penchant for crime caused him to squander his family's resources in shady business deals. Vincenzo is indebted till over his head, and his creditors are no laughing matter. That's why Vincenzo decides to return to Italy to murder his brother Calogero and take over the family estate.


Salvatore (30) is Vincenzo's only son. Sal was born and raised in the United States and knows nothing about Italy. Although he doesn't share his father's predatory instincts, Sal was nonetheless born into a mob family, so he does his best to fit in. The conflicting relationship with his father Vincenzo pushes Sal to drink heavily. After the murder of his uncle Calogero and the takeover of the plantation, Sal begins to doubt his father's clarity of mind, but it is already too late.


Clarence (35) is Vincenzo's right-hand man. He is like a son for the boss and like a brother for Sal. Clarence trusts Vincenzo's judgment blindly, enough to follow the boss all the way to Italy. Clarence stands by his boss until the very end. His incapacity to question Vincenzo's choices causes his downfall.


Nobody knows whether The Priest is indeed a Priest; rumor has it that he is the most ruthless and infallible killer for hire in the market. He can recite the scriptures and is lightning-quick with his trademark weapon: an antique Colt Dragoon, which he claims belonged to a saint. The Priest carries out his assignments with priestly devotion and never leaves a job unfinished. Never.


Not too long ago, Eve (16) and her older brother Thomas landed on the Italian coast from Africa. The two found shelter in an abandoned country house near the tomato fields and Thomas works as a waiter at Vincenzo's villa. Things are looking downhill. But when Thomas fails to return from work, Eve begins to look for him. Although she is young, Eve is brave, resourceful and willing to put her life on the line to find out what happened to her brother.


Japajapa is a gang-leader who works in Vincenzo's plantation. But JJ - as Vincenzo likes to call him - is also a cold-blooded psychopath murderer completely devoid of a conscience. After Vincenzo's takeover of the plantation, Japajapa becomes his all-around goon. The sort of goon you wouldn't want to meet.


Rosy (25) is a curvaceous and talkative barkeeper. Rosy is outgoing and friendly but not too bright. After taking a fancy to Clarence, Rosy gets unwillingly involved in a spiral of violence.


Gwyn Sannia's entire life has been about living and breathing film. Gwyn grew up among some of the most esteemed professionals in the industry such as Antonioni, Bertolucci and, most importantly, his father, Enrico Sannia: the most influential and respected Italian commercial director of the 70's, 80's and early 90's. Gwyn's professional carreer began in the late 90's in London, as he worked for some of the most prominent commercial production companies of the time. After a few years in the business, Gwyn began to participate in feature film productions, working his way up the professional ladder until he was involved in projects of the highest level, both as an Assistant Director and as a producer. His feature film credits include the award winning films 'Mediterranea' and the recent 2018 Oscar entry for Italy and world acclaimed 'A Ciambra', as well as the 2011 Venice film festival's prestigious 'Controcampo Award' winner, 'A Chjana'. Gwyn has worked with some of the leading names in the game, such as Danny Boyle, Ron Howard, Spike Lee, Michael Bay, Ben Stiller, Fernando Meirelles and Jonas Carpignano. Today, Gwyn is ready to make his directorial debut.




Invisible Dog is a TV and Cinema production company and a book and periodic news publisher founded in 2011 and currently directed by Alessandro Righi and Emanuele Piano. Invisible Dog has produced television reportages for the Al Jazeera English network, co-produced for the French-German broadcaster ARTE and has over a decade of experience in the production of audio-visual projects including documentaries, investigative reportages, short films, animations, EPKs, backstages and institutional videos. Invisible Dog has produced content for television broadcasters like RAI, Mediaset, La7, ABC, CBS, NRK, Reuters and the aforementioned Al Jazeera and ARTE. The works produced by Alessandro Righi and Emanuele Piano have won the Italian Ilaria Alpi prize twice, have been candidates of the Prix Europa and finalists in the latest edition of the British Journalism Awards and of the Awards for Excellence in Reporting Fairly on Labour Migration of the ILO (International Labour Organization - UN). With the amazing story of 'Il Bracciante (The Harvester)', Invisible Dog is taking up the gauntlet on feature film production.

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